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The North Queensland Miners Association ( NQMA) was established in 1985 as a volunteer organisation to represent the interests of the independent tin miners of north Queensland. It was initially called ‘The Independent Tin Miners Association’ as tin mining was the dominate activity at the time. Following the collapse of tin mining in north Queensland the name was changed to ‘The North Queensland Miners Association’ to ensure the association covered all types of mining . Mr Don Walker was the inaugural President and served as President for twelve years. In 1998 Don Walker was replaced by Ed James as President . Ralph De Lacey was elected President in September 1999 and is now in his 15th term as President. Since establishment the NQMA has defended the interest of the mining industry and all miners in north Queensland without fear or favor. The contribution by many members of NQMA over many years is responsible for the survival of the mining industry in north Queensland.

The Association today represents the interest of all professional miners, large or small , throughout the vast area of North Queensland stretching from south of Townsville to the Northern Territory border and taking the whole of Cape York. NQMA is a volunteer ,not for profit organisation . The role of NQMA is to ensure all miners and the mining industry in general is represented and involved in all matters that affect all miners in North Queensland.

The primary function of NQMA is to be involved in legislation changes and to ensure government mining laws allow mining and allow access to minerals for all miners in north Queensland.

A secondary function of NQMA is to promote mining and the mining industry in general in north Queensland.

Anyone involved in the mining industry in north Queensland should be a member of NQMA.



Next meeting to be held Monday 10 February 2014

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N.Q.M.A. supporting submission for RTN applicants.

Safety and Health Levy Mines and Quarries FAQ.

"Issues Paper" prepared by Safe Work Australia.



1-7-11 Latest information from DERM.


DERM's response letter to the meeting with QSMC.

The NQMA is a member of The Queensland Small Miners Council (QSMC). The QSMC has put a submission together directed at the Premier, seeking her intervention with the outrageous fee increases imposed by the EPA.

You can read this submission by Clicking here.

Members are welcome to make any comments on this submission, your comments will be private and directed at the Executive Committee by clicking here

Announced on Tue 16th of March, the Maytown Laura track, from Bonnie Glen through Palmerville etc was finally classed as 'Unallocated State Land'. This road was gazetted on 8 July 2010 and Cook Shire have now upgraded the road to local government standard to Dog Leg Crossing through Palmerville. Caution should be taken when travelling on the road.

Cook Shire document.


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